Stories behind the Scent

Fresh Laundry:

Crisp laundered sheets on a lazy Sunday morning, every cotton fibre laced with the earthy springtime aromas of yesterday afternoon. White lilies in a vase on the windowsill, catching the earliest dosage of sunlight and the irises are in bloom.

Cranberry Harvest:

Late September sunshine, cranberries are plucked from their vines and ripened autumnal fruits are foraged. Fresh greenery still lingers in the air, though it is clear that the crispness of autumn has arrived, and has settled.

Candied Orange:

October epitomised: warming, aromatic spices, crisp browning leaves and a zesty orange burst which is reminiscent of the final few glimpses of the sunlight’s true warmth. It’s campfires and tartan blankets at nightfall, as November draws closer.

Pear Orchard:

Romantic summertime picnics in the heart of the orchards of the French countryside. Sun-kissed skin, faded perfume, sunlight glistening on champagne flutes. Wandering through labyrinthine rows of trees, plucking sweet succulent pears from the branches.

Vanilla Caramel:

A country town’s confectioner’s shop at the end of a busy day of welcoming regular customers and hectic Christmas shoppers. It’s snowing outside. Sugar-coated windowpanes and a warm ambience inside enriched by sweetness of caramel and creamy vanilla, teamed with the ecstatic gasps of sugar-crazed children.

Violet Fields:

A spa in the Cotswolds at the end of the summer. The therapeutic sound of waterfalls trickling and earthy countryside tones seeping through the open windows. Hot stone massages and every room lightly tinted with a fading aroma of citrusy essential oils. Complete relaxation and simplicity.

Jasmine Coppice:

Walking hand in hand through woodlands in the heart of springtime at dusk. The cedar trees are stationary, encaging a sensual floral haze under the rigidity of their branches. White florals of the season have started to bloom underfoot and the captivating aroma of jasmine loiters as the sun begins to set. The epitome of romance and tranquillity.