About Us

Our Candles:

Here at The Hearthside Candle Co we aim to bring you a luxury candle with a great scent all while being as natural as possible. All our candles are Vegan, Cruelty Free and Paraben and Silicon Free.

In order to achieve this we use:
  • 100% Soy Wax
  • Luxury Fragrance Oils
  • Wooden Wicks from FSC Certified Mills
As we strive for the best product we can all our candles are poured by hand in batches of no more than eight. After pouring each wick is then trimmed by hand and if needed the top of the candle is re-melted to ensure a smooth surface on the candle, this allows us to ensure a high quality finish candle after candle.

Our Beginnings:

The idea for Hearthside began during one of our many lockdowns in early 2021 when we were cooped up indoors with no-where to go and nothing to do. One of the days while stuck indoors I had lit a candle I'd made previously for Christmas last year for our family as gifts and as it burned I thought to myself that maybe this should be something I could do professionally while at university, recalling how much my family had loved them. This led me down the rabbit hole of seeing the plausibility of them as a product for others to buy, and so after eight months, hundreds of testing candles and lots of both trial and error and research, The Hearthside Candle Co was born. 
- Kirk

Less is more:

In order to upkeep our chase for perfection, we keep our collection small, with some new additions to our core line in the future. Although we may not carry that many different scents we aim to diversify our core scents as much as possible in order for there to be a scent for everyone, no matter which scent is your favourite. 

Occasionally we will do a small number of scent releases for different seasons, but these will have a limited availability.