What Makes a Wooden Wick Different to a Normal Wick?

A wooden wick is different in the way it (sometimes) crackles whilst it burns, this is not too dissimilar to an open fire. This adds another element to our candles as it offers a relaxing sound as well as helping the room fill with the candle's beautiful aroma.

What Makes a Hearthside Candle Different?

Apart from the wooden wick we use, all our candles are hand-made using soy wax and high-quality fragrance oil. This makes them vegan, cruelty-free and silicon and paraben free; Our wicks even come from FSC Certified Mills.

Can You Burn the Candle All the Way to the End of the Container?

Unlike most conventional cotton wicks, our wooden wicks have to use a metal sustainer which keeps the wick upright while burning and the wax is setting. Our recommendation is to not burn the last 5/6mm of the candle as this will expose the sustainer and as the flame nears the metal will overheat the wax that could cause the candle to smoke and soot to be formed

I Have Noticed the Colour of My Candle's Wax Has Changed After I've Burned it, is this Normal?

Yes, this is normal. Here at The Hearthside Candle Co, we don't add colourants to our wax as we enjoy the cream-like colour of soy wax, however, due to some of the ingredients in the fragrances over time, and especially during heating when the candle is lit, these fragrances may cause discolouration to the wax. This is just a common variable when using natural products and we promise it does not affect the burn quality of the candle at all.